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Adobe's latest Flash update broke the screencasting tool in our online whiteboard. (Doh!)

Screencasting allowed you to record a voiceover while marking up a student's image.

Unfortunately, the Academy will no longer support screencasting, because the whiteboard is an old tool that will eventually be replaced by enhancements to the new Notes tool.

Until those enhancements are completed, we encourage you to make use of the visual critiquing options still available to you:

  • drawing (shapes, lines, arrows, freehand) — whiteboard only
  • masking — whiteboard only
  • posting comparison images  — whiteboard only
  • adding text and callouts — whiteboard and Notes
  • recording/uploading audio comments — whiteboard and Notes
  • recording/uploading video feedback — Notes only

If you're on a Mac, Martha Breen suggests trying a combination of QuickTime (for screen capture) and Ultimate Pen (for markup). This allows you to create a video, which you can then upload into a Note or a comment.

What are your favorite strategies for marking up your students' images? Post a comment and tell us about them!

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