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Thanksgiving 2016

PHOTO: Jenny Michael

The Academy will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from Thursday, November 24, through Sunday, November 27.

Online instructors and students are NOT expected to be in their online classes during this period.

Since the Module 12 deadline falls during this break, you will need to extend the deadline for your Module 12 topics, to allow students some extra time to complete and submit their work. (How much additional time you allow is up to you.)

NOTE: In Art Experience classes (in the Pre-College program), the Module 7 deadline also falls during this break. Be sure to set your Module 7 topics to close after the 27th.

Here's how: Simply edit your topics (course topics and global topics) and adjust the due and close dates.

    • Course Topics

      1. Navigate to your Pending Topics page, and click the "Edit" link next to any Module 12 topic.

      2. Change the close date and due date (for assignments). Then click the "Submit" button to post your updates.

    • Global Topics

      1. Navigate to your Global Topics page, and click the "Edit" link next to any Module 12 topic.

      2. Change the close date and due date (for assignments). Then click the "Submit" button to post your updates.

And don't forget to let your students know about this schedule change (by posting an announcement or creating an informational topic — or using whatever means you prefer to communicate important information).

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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Change the size of your image thumbnails!

We here in Online Education are very grateful for your feedback about the new UI!

We love to hear what's going right, of course, but we also appreciate hearing about what doesn't work for you and what we can do better. In the coming months, we will be introducing many new features and updates, most of which were conceived and developed in response to your input. So thank you! And please keep those comments coming:

Here's what's new now:


When you create a post or a comment, you now have the option of tagging specific individuals in the class. Students can also tag their classmates – and you.

When you publish your post or comment, the system sends those you have tagged a notification, letting them know that you have posted something you think will be of particular interest to them. A link in the notification takes them directly to your message. (Learn more about Notifications for Instructors.)

This is a great way to make sure students see your answers to their questions or to let someone know that you have responded to their comment.


Change the size of your Image Thumbnails

When you attach images and other files to a post or comment (using the "Media" tool), they are displayed in a series of thumbnails. Now you have the option to set the size of the thumbnails for each media row. You can choose to display one, two, or up to four thumbnails in a given row.

This is a great way to highlight the most important images in a post.

(warning) Keep in mind that if you want to display thumbnails in different sizes, you will need to upload them in separate media rows.


Choose your Preferred Layout and Sort — and the System will Remember

As you know, instructors set the default layout (grid or list) for every topic. And the default sort order for every topic is by date (chronological).

Now, you can choose your own preferred layout and sort order for each topic, and the system will remember your choice.

  • Every user (instructors and students) can make this choice.
  • The preference must be made for each topic individually.
  • The layout and sort order that are in effect when you close a topic will again be in effect when you next open that topic.

Improved Reply with Quotes styling clarifies who said what

Changes to the styling of Reply with Quotes make it easier to distinguish the student's posted material from the instructor's response.   

(warning) Keep in mind that Reply with Quotes is only available as a response to a post, and not as a response to a comment. Students do not have access to this tool.


There's more to come — stay tuned!

x x

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