Blog from May, 2017

You can now choose where to start!

When you log into the online learning system,
this pop-up will ask you to select your preferred landing page.

These are your options.

Your Home page is now the default landing page.

You can opt to start from the Portal (the old landing page) if you prefer.

You can change your choice at any time by opening the "Settings" page.

The Settings page also gives you access
to the options for your Notifications for Instructors.


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We’re delighted to announce the addition of several drawing tools to the “Notes” critiquing interface.

Beginning in May 2017, freehand drawing, straight line/arrow, rectangle, and ellipse tools are available in Notes. These new tools enhance your options for marking up student images.

Drawing Tools Update (Fall 2017)

We have updated the Notes drawing tools to correct an issue that some users have experienced when using the line and arrow tool. 

Please Keep in Mind:

  • Notes also lets you annotate students’ images by adding callouts, along with text, audio, or video commentary.

  • Mobile-Friendly! You can create Notes markup on your smartphone or tablet! (Or your computer, of course.)
  • Notes will eventually replace the old Flash-based Whiteboard. However, the Whiteboard will not be eliminated until Notes offers all the same features that the Whiteboard does. (So you can expect more updates to Notes!) In the meantime, the Whiteboard will continue to be available to you.


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