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Do you have online students who could use some extra help with language and writing?

Many online classes include a Language & Writing Support topic. These topics are posted in classes that have been designated for English-language support, and they provide a space where a specialized language instructor can work directly with your students. This is a remarkable service that the Academy offers!

The problem is that students sometimes don't find the Language & Writing Support topic — and so don't use this service.

Here's how you can help to make sure that more of your students take advantage of language support:

  • Click the edit link next to the Language & Writing Support topic.

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  • Set its module association to Module 1. This will make the topic appear in the Outline under Module 1, which makes it much easier for students to find.

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  • Then edit the closing date of the topic and set it for the last day of the semester. This ensures that the topic will remain available to students for the full semester.

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  • Then click submit, and you're done!

Now when you look at your Outline, you'll notice that the Language & Writing Support topic is listed with the Discussion Topics for Module 1. 

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Please Note: Support Instructors cannot make changes to topics in the classes they support. As the instructor, you must make these updates.

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  • If you have students who are in danger of failing your class due to language-related difficulties, please contact Chantelle Ferguson, Director of Online Language Support, ( to request that a support instructor be added to your class
  • Adding a module association is also a helpful way to make sure that new online students find the Welcome topic in your online class, along with any informational topics you post throughout the semester.

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