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The Online Education Department is always working to improve the Academy's online learning system.

Recent updates include the addition of video mark-up to the "Notes" critiquing tools and — most especially — the launch of the new online Gradebook!

Reminder: The old Flash-based whiteboard is no longer available. Students will still be able to view markup their instructors made with the whiteboard in past semesters, but the whiteboard can no longer be used for new critiques. Instead, you can use the Notes critiquing interface for marking up your students' images and video. Learn moreTools for Online Critiques

If you've been away from online teaching for more than a semester, you might want to check out these posts, as well:

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Getting ready to teach online this summer? (Summer classes begin Monday, 6/25. Summer Art Experience classes begin Monday, July 2.) This checklist will help you prepare.

Do you have our app?

Online Education has developed Classes, an updated app for students and faculty, where they can check all things Academy-related. As of January 2018, the Classes app now includes the shuttle schedule previously found on the Student/Campus app, along with course information, online classrooms and student grades. Download the app for iOS or Android today — and tell your students about it!

#1 – Review the most recent updates to the online learning system.

#2 – Get familiar with the Academy's Online Teaching Standards.

New standards were established in Spring 2017, so make sure you are familiar with the current expectations. Review the list and download the rubric to help you assess your own effectiveness as an online instructor.

#3 – Review the Workday requirements for reporting your hours (for part-time employees only).

#4 – Plan your time: Review & download the summer Online Module Calendar.

(star)(star) PLEASE NOTE: This semester, Wednesday, July 4, is a holiday.

#5 – Clarify and post your expectations.

#6 – Make your class student-ready.

#7 – Get students talking

#8 – Take care of administrative tasks.

  • Update your contact information in WorkDay.

  • Contact HR ( to update your contact information in the Academy's official record, if needed.

  • Familiarize yourself with the features of The Gradebook

#9 – Set up an online office (optional).

#10 – Get some support.

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