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You might have noticed...

The semester is over, but you still need to get in touch with a couple of your students. You open the Mailbox to compose your message, but when you try to use the “Select Recipients” option from the new message interface, you find that your class is no longer listed on the drop-down. Grrr! What can you do?

First, keep in mind that the “Select Recipients” drop-down only works between the official start and end dates of a semester. And it only displays your class lists for the active semester.

But what if you want to...

  • Send a message to a student after the semester has ended?
  • Send a message to a student before the semester begins?
  • Contact a student from a past semester?

Here's the trick:

You need to begin on the Roster page for the class in which the student is enrolled.

From there you can use the “Message All Students” button, or you can use the envelope icon to send a message to an individual student. 

(warning) Caveat: Once you have clicked the button to send your message, the system does not return you to either the Roster or to the main Mailbox page. Instead, your message page stays open, so you might think that the message wasn't sent! It was, but you will need to check your list of Sent messages to be sure.

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