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Why is this important?

As you go through the semester and more and more topics open in the active discussion, your Current Topics space can get a little cluttered. But a bit of housekeeping can help keep your active discussions neat and manageable. The best way to do this is to archive topics once the class is finished with them. Archiving your old topics makes it easier for students to see what’s current in your class. But the archived topics are still available to everyone, so nothing is lost.

How do I archive my topics?

To archive a topic, check the little box next to it. (You can check several at a time, if you like.) And then click the Archive Topic button.

Archiving topics clears them from the main Discussion page (i.e., the Current Topics page). You and your students can see your archived topics by selecting "Archived Topics."

You can un-archive a topic (i.e., move it back to the Current Topics page), using the same process.

(lightbulb) TIP: Guide your students to the archive

The first time you archive topics in your Discussion, you might find it useful to post an announcement, letting students know where to find those archived topics and reminding them that they can still read the information in archived topics.

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