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In addition to the public Instructor’s Office in your online Discussion, it can also be useful to have a private Instructor’s Office. Students can use this topic to post private messages to you— instead of using the Mailbox—and they can also submit their late work in this space.

Creating Your Private Office

  1. Begin inside the Discussion. Click “Global Topics” to start. (This will let you re-use your private office in future semesters.)

  2. Create a topic to serve as your private office by clicking “Add Global Topic.”

  3. Define the topic, as shown below:
    • Select “None” from the module drop-down menu.
    • Set the opening date to match the opening date of your public office. Set the closing date to the last day of the semester.
    • Title the topic “Instructor’s Private Office” or something similar.
    • Make this a private topic by choosing the correct radio button under “PUBLIC OR PRIVATE TOPIC.”
    • In the topic description, explain to students that they can use this space to post private messages to you.
    • Submit your changes when you have finished.

      Click image to enlarge.
  4. Your Private Office will be posted in your list of Current Topics, as soon as its opening date arrives.

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