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Why is this important?

Before you begin teaching, your department will provide you with the syllabus and course outline for your class. These documents represent a legal contract between the school and the students, so instructors are required to follow them. In particular, the course learning outcomes listed in the syllabus also represent a legal obligation to our students, defining what they will gain by taking a given class. Students choose classes based on these learning outcomes — and they sometimes file grievances, if their instructor does not follow the syllabus and course outline. This is something we want to avoid as a university, so it's crucial for instructors to be familiar with their course outline and learning outcomes.


The Chief Academic Officer requires that all instructors follow the syllabus and course outline posted in the LMS.

  • If the syllabus and course outline are out of date, the department must ensure that they are updated and posted through the Curriculum Office in the LMS.
  • If the current syllabus and course outline have not been posted to the LMS, a printed and electronic version of these should be provided to students, along with explicit instructions not to follow what appears in the LMS.

If you have questions or concerns about the syllabus, outcomes, or outline for your class, please check in with your department as soon as possible. 

Where can I review my course outline and learning outcomes?

From your Home page, use the links to "Syllabus and Supply List" and "Outline" to open these pages.

The course learning outcomes are listed on the Course Home/Syllabus page.

The weekly topics for lecture and/or demonstration, activities, and assignments are listed on the Outline. Students can also see this information, which sets their general expectations for each week.

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