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Why is this important?

Although learning certainly encompasses more than grades, they are our common currency for assessing student progress, and it's difficult to overemphasize how seriously many students take grades.

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Guidelines for grading

Set clear expectations.

As an instructor, make a point of setting very clear guidelines for each assignment and identifying what is required to achieve a particular grade. This should include the criteria, of course, but also the timeliness of submission, the format and medium, etc. When instructors are clear and consistent, there is less confusion — and less likelihood of students challenging the grades they receive.

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Grade honestly.

Students need to be given honest assessments of their progress so they know where they stand throughout the semester. Honest grading allows students to understand their level of skill relative to industry standards, and can serve as a catalyst for improvement. Please check with your department director to find out about the expectations for accurate grading and to avoid the possibility of giving inflated grades. Use a rubric for transparent, unbiased grading.

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Grade on time.

Instructors are required to submit all progress, midterm and final grades on time. Students rely on grades to know if they are in good standing and to seek out workshop and tutoring support if needed. If grades are submitted late, it can impact a student’s ability to make timely improvements. Additionally, students may not register for classes and in some cases, may impact their financial aid or not be allowed to graduate. For these reasons, we ask that all instructors get their grades in on time.

Grades are formally submitted to the LMS four times during the Fall and Spring semesters: Week 4 (progress), midterm, week 11 (progress) and at the end of the semester. For the Summer semester, grades are submitted twice: midterm and at the end of the semester.

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