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Academy of Art University Incomplete Policy (UPDATED May 2019)

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Students who require time beyond the conclusion of the term to complete their final coursework may petition for a grade of “I” (Incomplete).

Students are eligible if:

  • All coursework from at least the first 75% of the course has been completed.
  • The student’s most recently recorded progress grade is a C- or higher.
  • The student’s request was submitted to a university employee prior to the last day of the term.
  • Failure to complete coursework on time is due to circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Students must work with their student services advisors to submit the petition and any supplementary documentation for review and approval by instructor(s), academic department head(s), and the Office of the Registrar.

Final Work Submission Deadline:
Students must submit their final work to the department for grading on or before the Wednesday prior to the start of the next semester.

Final Grade Change Deadline: A “Request for Final Grade Change” form must be completed by the academic department and submitted to the Office of the Registrar the Friday before the start of the next semester. Example: A student who receives a grade of Incomplete for the Spring semester has until the Friday before the following Summer semester to change the grade.

Deadline Extension: Students may request a one semester extension to the deadline provided 1) the student can offer evidence of a circumstance beyond their control continuing to prevent the completion of missing work, 2) the student is not dependent on financial aid, and 3) the student is not enrolled in prerequisite-dependent coursework for the term in which the work will be completed. Deadline extensions are reviewed by the Office of the Registrar and requests should be submitted in writing to registrar@academyart.edu.

Failure to Meet Deadline: Failure to submit the incomplete work within the approved time will result in a zero grade on any incomplete work, which will be calculated into the student’s final grade. A final grade that does not satisfy the prerequisites for a subsequent course may result in an administrative drop from enrolled courses in which the prerequisite is not met.

Instructions for Onsite Teachers

Refer students to their student services advisor for help with submitting the paperwork required to petition for an Incomplete.

Instructions for Online Teachers

  • Online students may approach you during the final weeks of the semester inquiring about an Incomplete grade. Please refer all student requests for an Incomplete to the Online Help Desk. Online Education staff will work directly with the student, process the necessary paperwork, and collect the required signatures for approval. If a student of yours petitions for an Incomplete, you will be contacted by Online Education staff with further details.
  • Please do not promise your student an Incomplete. Authorization for an Incomplete is NOT automatic, and approval will depend on the circumstances leading to the request.
  • Once the semester ends, students no longer have access to the course modules — though they can still review the videos, use the Mailbox, and review the Discussion.
    • If your student needs to see the course modules after the semester ends, please contact the Online Help Desk to request that the student's access to the class be extended.
    • If your student will be posting her/his final work in the Discussion, please make sure that the appropriate topic is open to allow him/her to post. (Edit the topic to extend its closing date.)
  • (star)(star) When filling out your final grades form, you must assign the student the grade she or he earned over the course of the whole semester, including a “0” for the missing project, assignment, or final exam. You cannot enter a grade of "Incomplete." Once the student's petition for an Incomplete is approved, the Records Department will change the final grade you have posted to an "I."

Please do not wait to post your final grades until students with authorization for Incompletes submit their work. It is critical that final grades be posted on time; regardless of the status of Incompletes.

  • When the student submits the missing work for the class, you will review and grade it — and recalculate the student's course grade to include this work. You will then submit the student's revised final grade to the Online Education Department. Online Education staff will work with the Records Department to update the student's official grade. Once the student’s final grade has been changed, the Incomplete grade will no longer be displayed on her/his official record.
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