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When do instructors receive notifications from the Online Learning System?

Watching a Topic

As an instructor, you can choose to get notifications by "watching" any topic.

Simply open the topic and click the "Watch Topic" toggle. When a student makes a post or comment in your watched topic, you will receive a notification.


If a student tags you in a post or comment, you will receive a notification. Learn more about tagging:

A question for the Instructor

Whenever they make a post or a comment, students can opt to flag it as a question for their instructor. This generates a notification for the instructor and provides a useful way of getting as speedy an answer as possible. (Learn more: Your students have questions!)

New Message Alerts

Your Online Mailbox will send you an email to let you know that you have new messages waiting in your Mailbox.

These alerts are turned ON by default — but, if you prefer, you can easily disable them by visiting your Mailbox page and clicking the toggle to "OFF."

Learn more

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