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To ensure that your students review your class policies, post them in informational topics and require students to read them. This practice works well for any crucial information you need to communicate to your class. In addition to posting your own policies, you may also find it useful to ask students to confirm that they have read and understood the AAU policy on Academic Honesty.


  1. Write out your policy and save it in a text document — a PDF is probably best.
    If you’re not sure how to make a PDF, you can consult the Online How-to Library for instructions.

  2. Create a global topic and associate it with Module 1.

  3. Extend the closing date to the end of Module 2 or 3.
    Since your goal here is to make sure students are familiar with your policies — and not to penalize them for lateness, you’ll want to be somewhat flexible with your deadline. Leaving the topic open for two or three modules accommodates any latecomers to the class.

  4. Include the words “Please Read and Acknowledge” in the title of the topic.
  5. In the topic description, explain that students must download and review the attached policyand that they must post a message in this topic stating that they have read and understood the policy.

  6. It’s also helpful to encourage students to complete this task by rewarding them with, for example, an “A” toward their discussion participation grade if they follow instructions — and an “F” if they don’t.
  7. Attach the PDF of your policy to the topic.

  8. Post your topic.
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