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Assignment 1.x: Posting Skills

Overview: The tutorial on “Creating a Post” teaches you how to enhance your posts in the discussion by formatting your text, uploading files, and embedding images and videos. Including visual materials directly into a discussion post makes for a livelier and more engaging experience, so I want to make sure everyone knows how to do this.


1. Watch the video tutorial on "Creating a Post."

2. Create a new post to introduce yourself to the group. Attach one or more images and at least one other sort of file. Embed a YouTube video or other file from the web. Record a brief video or audio.

Can you figure out how to...

  • Expand the text box?
  • Format your text?
  • Use drag-and-drop to upload files?
  • Rotate an image?
  • Reorder your attachments?
  • Choose a new thumbnail for an attachment?
  • Add additional rows of content?
  • Change the order of your rows of content?
  • Embed an image?

3. Comment on someone else's post. Can you find your comment again after navigating away from that post?

4. Edit one of your own posts or comments.

Once there are several posts up...

5. Change the layout to see which you prefer.

6. Use the "Order By" tools to sort the posts in various ways.

Grading: This task will be graded on an A/F scale: if you make your post by the deadline, you get an "A" for this assignment. If you don't, your grade will be an "F."

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