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The following standards ensure that online instructors are prepared for the technical and pedagogical responsibilities of teaching online. The support resources described below are here to help you succeed, and to ensure that you have mastery of your course content and instructional tools.

When instructors first start teaching online, they sometimes find that it takes them a while to become familiar with the systems, tools, and practices used in our online education environment. Even if you've taught online at another institution, you'll still need to get used to the online system at the Academy, which has been custom-designed for art and design education.

To help new online instructors get up to speed, we offer three main forms of support:

  • First, all new online instructors are required to complete our course on “Teaching Online.”
  • In addition, every new instructors is paired with a Teaching Coach, who will answer your questions and provide feedback and support through the first weeks of the semester.
  • Finally, the Academy Teaching Library offers a wealth of resources to to support online teaching.

This training is presented through the Academy's online learning system. (Learn more: Navigating the Online Learning System).

You will be enrolled as a student in the training class (AAU_020: Teaching Online), so you can get familiar with the interface as you learn about online teaching.

  • Past instructors have reported that completing this course, along with the series of tasks designed to help you prepare for this semester, took them six hours or more — so please plan your time accordingly.
  • The instructor of the training course will also be Your Teaching Coach and your main contact for questions related to online teaching, during the first weeks of the semester. You will learn more about the coaching process as you go through the training.
  • All online classes — including this training course — include an online interactive space called the “Discussion.” In the Discussion, you can ask questions, connect with your coach and with other new online teachers, and practice using the tools you will need to work in your own online class.

If you have questions about anything related to online teaching, the best thing to do is to post a message in the Discussion for the training class. Your coach will be monitoring the class and answering questions beginning one week before the semester begins. 

New online instructors

Semester set-up

 Building an Online Class

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