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Where can I see all the grades for a single student?

The Student Grades Details page shows all the grade information for an individual student. This has not changed with the advent of the Gradebook; however, we have made a few updates to this page.


1. To find the Grades Detail page, it's simplest to use the Grades link in the Enrollments section of your Home page.


2. Click the Detail link to see the Grades Details page for any student.

Select a student

To see the records for a different student, you can select a name from the drop-down or use the Next and Previous buttons to move through your entire class, one student at a time.


The information on this page is organized into several tabs.

Something new is that Graded Work (i.e., graded topics where students post their assignment) and Additional Grades (i.e., graded topics with no submissions) are now displayed in separate tabs.

The first tab shows the student’s Official Grades.

  • For present and past grading periods, the progress grades that the system has calculated for this student are listed.
  • You can display the details of the grade calculation for any of the current or past grading periods.

Please Note: You can use this interface to enter a progress grade and comments for this student. Any information that you enter on this page will also be entered into the official form. And your input is saved automatically by the system.

In order to submit your progress grades, however, you must use the official grading form.  Learn more: Grading with the Gradebook

From the Grades Details page you can easily navigate to other useful grades pages.

Where can I see all the grades for a specific assignment?

The grading interface inside any graded topic displays all the grades for that assignment. Learn moreGrading with the Gradebook

Another option is to use the Grades Matrix, which shows all the grades for your entire class. Review the below section on "Where can I see all the grades for my whole class?" to learn more.

Where can I see all the grades for my whole class? (What is the Matrix?)

The Class Grades Matrix shows all of the grades for every student. It's great for getting an overview of what's going on in your class.


You can reach the Matrix from either the Section Grades page or from the Student Grades Detail page.

matrix features

The Matrix presents a great deal of information on a single page. The scroll bar at the bottom lets you move easily through all the data provided. You can also choose to display this chart full-screen.

There is a list of all the students in the class down the left side, and all the graded work and other grades is listed across the top, in module order.

Keep in mind that the Grades Matrix is only a report — you cannot make edits on this page. However, from the Matrix you can navigate easily to other pages where you can make edits.

  • Clicking on a student's name opens the Grades Details page for that student, where you can review and edit all their individual grade information. (Learn more: See "Where can I see all the grades for a single student?", above)
  • Clicking on an assignment opens the grading interface for that assignment — so that’s a quick way to go back and grade anything you missed. (Learn more: See Grading with the Gradebook)


You can toggle the display to show grades as letters or as percentages. A grade of E indicates that the student has been excused from an assignment. The legend at the bottom explains the elements of the display.


The Matrix also provides useful summary information:

  • Quarterly progress grades are shown in the first four columns.
  • The final columns show students' overall grade in each category.
  • The top row shows the section averages for each element on the page.

What will my students see?

At present, students have only a limited view of Gradebook-related information. They can see

  • the grading breakdown with its pie chart
  • the category associated with each graded topic
  • percentages, as well as letter grades, for topics with the percentage grading scale
  • grades for all their graded work on the Grades Detail page
  • official grades on the Grades Detail page

At present, the Gradebook provides no real-time grade calculations, either to students or to instructors.

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