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Why is this important?

Students may be working with supplies for the first time in your class, so it's important to help them understand exactly what they need and how to use these materials properly. Allow plenty of time to introduce the supplies, share any tips, and make sure students know how to use and take care of them.

Try these strategies:

Provide a list of all required supplies.

  • List supplies on the board before class starts, or provide the list in a handout.
  • Make sure the supplies list is specific — i.e., the size of the brush, type of charcoal, brand, etc. This makes it very clear to your students what they need to buy.
  • Do not deviate from the supplies listed in the class syllabus, because students may have already purchased their materials.

Explain and demonstrate the use of each tool or material.

  • Make sure your students can see which supply you are talking about.

  • Show students how to use each tool or material, rather than just telling them how to use it.

  • Explain why each tool or material works best for a particular task.

  • Explain how to maintain the supplies — e.g., how to clean them, how to store them when not in use, etc.

  • Show students best practices in gripping, holding, applying pressure, mixing materials, etc. when using supplies.

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