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Recent changes to the AAU online learning system affect all online classes. These changes include new policies & procedures for online instructors, updates to the online interface, and new tools.

New Policies & Procedures

Instructor Attendance
The rules for recording instructors' attendance in an online class, group directed study, thesis forum, directed study, internship, and workshop have changed, effective Spring 2013. In order to be marked “Present” for a module, you must do at least one of the following:

  • answer a student's question in the Discussion

  • post a comment in a discussion topic

  • edit a student's post (as of 5/21/13)

  • post feedback through the Whiteboard (now replaced by the Notes tool)

  • critique or grade an assignment or exam and post your feedback in your online class

  • submit Progress Grades

(star) Please Note (star) 
Payment for teaching an online class, group directed study, thesis forum, directed study, internship, or workshop is based on your participation in that class (as described above) at least once during each module period.

New Module Schedule
Beginning in Spring 2013, online class modules during the Fall and Spring semesters will run Monday to Sunday. That is, modules will open on Monday and close on Sunday. View/download the Online Module Calendar for the current term.

Quiz Access
Online quizzes will close at the end of each module (instead of closing at the end of the semester) – meaning that students will need to take their quizzes during the module to which they pertain. As before, instructors may contact the Online Help Desk to request that quiz deadlines be extended for individual students or for the entire class.

Please Note: This change does not apply to Intersessions. In these compressed semesters, students will be able to take their quizzes until the end of the term.

No Spring Break
The AAU will observe no spring break during the Spring 2013 semester, and classes will begin one week later than usual (Monday, February 4).

Interface Updates

The most recent changes to the online interface affect all classes:

  • more robust listing of content for each module (Outline)
  • enhanced navigation from the Outline into the relevant topics in the Discussion, into the module content, and through the pages in a module
  • videos and slideshows embedded directly into module pages, so they may be viewed without downloading
  • automatic creation of topics for discussions and assignments (new and newly rebuilt classes only)
  • continued option to create additional user-specific (global) topics
  • display of user-created topics in the course Outline
  • new tools for tracking student progress (Outline/Roster)

New Tools

Video Critiquing
The  LMS provides several ways to record and post video in your online class. You can add video to a discussion post, an Instructor Update, a global topic, or a Note on an image. Learn more: Using Video in Online Classes.

Send a Message to All Students
A new link on the Roster pages allows instructors to send a message to all the students in a class with a single click. The distribution list is editable.

HTML Code Access
Instructors and students will no longer have direct access to the HTML source code for their global topics or their discussion posts.

  • You will need to format your posts using the rich text formatting tools.
  • If you want to include a video in a global topic or a discussion post, you can use the link tool's "pop-up" option.

  • In classes where HTML is an integral part of the coursework, the HTML source code tool can be re-activated. Please contact your academic director, if this tool is essential to your course (and it has not already been activated).

(star) NEW! (star)  Video Whiteboard
Like the whiteboardtool for marking up static images, the new video whiteboard lets you place markers on certain frames of a student's video and add mark-up and other commentary at those points.

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