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Gradebook Rollout

Online Education is rolling out the Gradebook systematically in online classes. Each semester, many more online classes are being updated to work with the Gradebook. If one of your classes is using the Gradebook, you will receive an email notice at the start of the semester.

The Gradebook is being rolled out in onsite classes upon request. Please check with your director, if you are interested in having the Gradebook added to your onsite classes.

Please note:

  • The Gradebook is connected to the course and not to the instructor. This means that you might have the Gradebook in some of your classes but not in others.
  • The Gradebook cannot be added to a class after the semester begins.

If you have questions or need support with the Gradebook, please contact:

Learning about the Gradebook

Step 1

Get oriented!

  • Watch our brief video introduction to the Gradebook:

Step 2

Watch the video of one of our workshops about the gradebook. Each of these workshops runs about 1 hour.

  • Watch the workshop video for ONLINE instructors

  • Watch the workshop video for ONSITE instructors

Step 3

Finally, sign up for a Q&A session about the gradebook.

Gradebook FAQ

We have organized the training & support materials for the gradebook into a series of frequently-asked questions. Use the links below to explore. Also check out Answers to your Gradebook questions.

  • How does the Gradebook work?
  • What do I need to know about the grading breakdown for my class?
  • How do the various grade scales work (letter grades, percentages, credit / no credit)?

See Gradebook Basics

  • What do we mean by “topics”?
  • Why might I need to create graded topics?
  • How do I customize my course topics?
  • How do I create or edit graded topics?
  • Do I need to update my existing global topics?
  • How will I grade intangibles like participation?

See Setting Up Topics for Grading

  • How will I use the Gradebook for grading my students' work?
  • What changes have been made to assignment grading?
  • How should I grade missing work?
  • How do I post progress grades?
  • What if I have missed a progress grading deadline?
  • How do progress grades relate to course modules?

See Grading with the Gradebook

  • Where can I see all the grades for a single student?
  • Where can I see all the grades for a specific assignment?
  • Where can I see all the grades for my whole class? (What is the Matrix?)
  • What will my students see?

See Reviewing Grades

  • How do I deal with late homework?
  • How should I manage re-submissions?
  • How do I handle extra-credit work?

See Best Practices for the Gradebook

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