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Workshop Description

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In this workshop, Chantelle Ferguson (Online Language Support) outlines best practices for working with English-language learners in an online class and answers questions. Some of the strategies she discussed are outlines below.

(Workshop date: Fall 2011)

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General Teaching Strategies

  • Provide simple step-by-step assignment instructions
  • Write clear, direct questions; avoid embedding questions in paragraphs
  • Use visual aids such as charts
  • Create critique forms or guides for students to complete
  • Explain plagiarism and reinforce school policy
  • Maintain grading standards for all students

Giving Feedback

  • Use short, simple sentences
  • Use common words
  • Avoid idioms, colloquial phrases, sarcasm
  • Use visual aids, if appropriate

Using AAU Resources

  • Refer students to the Online Writing Lab or the Writing Lab on campus
  • Require students to show proof of using one of the writing labs
  • Communicate with the Online Language Support instructor in your class (if applicable)
  • Refer students through the ARC referral form: available on intranet under Resources
  • Email Online Language Support if you feel you need support for several students in your class.

Guidelines provided by Chantelle Ferguson, Director of Online Language Support; 415-618-3809.

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