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Your Home page is an important navigation hub for working in your online classes.

Here is a guide to its principal features:

  1. The little House icon will bring you back to your Home page from anywhere in the Online Learning System. 

  2. This menu appears at the top of every page. 

  3. Your Profile photo is displayed in this space. 

  4. Links to key tools: update your Profile, review all the grades for all your classes, and update your Notification Settings from here. 

  5. All your classes will be listed here, whether you are enrolled as an instructor, as a student, as a guest — or in some other role. 

  6. When you check into your online classes, click Begin Office Hours to let students know you are present. You will be checked out automatically after 20 minutes. (Learn more about Online Office Hours)

  7. Use the drop-down to access your course materials from past semesters

  8. This link takes you directly to the Discussion — the interactive space in an online class.

  9. This button is a direct link to the course Outline, where you'll find links to the course learning modules.

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