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Meets Requirements

  • (star) NEW as of Summer 2019:  Posts their Office Hours on their Profile page before the semester begins
    • Office Hours are the times the instructor will be online to answer student questions or concerns.
    • Instructors must check in six days a week — including Saturday (Pacific Time) — at times of their choosing.
    • In the "Additional Instructions" space, includes a reminder to students to post their questions before the instructor's check-in times, so that their concerns can be answered in a timely fashion.
  • Posts clear expectations and greetings by the end of Module 1, including:
    • (star) NEW as of Summer 2019: An explanation of the course learning outcomes and the relevance of this course to students' future development or careers
    • How students can succeed in this class
    • Grading practice
    • Late homework policy
    • What students can expect of their instructor — including
      • reiteration of their daily check-in times (office hours)
      • a reminder about posting questions before the daily check-on in time
  • Communicates timely information to students throughout the semester via announcements, topics, Mailbox messages, etc.
  • Posts midterm, final, and progress grades on time.
  • If absent, arranges for substitute teacher with the department and informs students through classroom post.

Does Not Meet Requirements

  • Fails to post Office Hours.
  • Fails to remind students about posting their questions before instructor's check-in times.
  • Expectations or policies are not posted for all the items listed.
  • Instructor’s policies are vague, confusing, or not clearly articulated.
  • Fails to communicate timely information to students throughout the semester.
  • Does not submit midterm, final, and progress grades on time.
  • Fails to make arrangements for absences.

Exceeds Requirements

Meets requirements + Posts additional information and guidance throughout the semester, such as assignment tips, checklists, suggestions for scheduling tasks, samples and rubrics of past student work, inspiring imagery, timely articles, and video messages.

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