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Meets Requirements

  • Posts profile, including a photo and bio and online office hours.
  • Introduces self by the end of Module 1 and greets students, individually or as a group.
  • (star) NEW as of Summer 2019: Enters every section they are teaching 6 days a week, including Saturday, and leaves public evidence of their presence each day.

    titleFor example...
    • answers to students' questions

    • a post indicating that you checked into the class at the specified time, but that there were no questions for you to answer.

    • new announcements

    • comments that deepen or broaden students' understanding of a key concept from the current module

    • for assignments:

      • clarification of the assignment instructions — and what you're looking for (use the Instructor Update)

      • tips for completing the assignment successfully

      • common mistakes students make — and how to avoid them

      • public feedback on early submissions

      • an example of the work of a student from a previous semester with an explanation of its strengths and weaknesses

    • for discussions:

  • Stays current: reads all posts, comments, and Mailbox messages during each active module. 
  • Answers students’ questions (in the Discussion or in the Mailbox) within 1 business day.
  • Instructor’s communication is professional, approachable for questions and assistance, and respectful of all students.

Does Not Meet Requirements

  • Does not post a profile with photo and bio.
  • Does not introduce self or greet students before the end of Module 1.
  • Enters classes less frequently than 6 days per week, leaving little evidence of their presence.
  • Does not stay current: fails to read all posts, comments, and Mailbox messages for every module.
  • Students’ questions (in the Discussion or in the Mailbox) remain unanswered for more than 1 business day.
  • Instructor’s communication is disrespectful, irritated or unprofessional.

Exceeds Requirements

Meets requirements + Answers students’ questions within less than 1 business day