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General Requirements

  • Enter every section of your assigned online classes at least once a day, 6 days a week (one of the days must be a Saturday, Pacific Time).

NOTE: The Academy expects Part Time Instructors (PTIs) to take at least one day off during a workweek (Monday-Sunday). 

        • PTIs should not work 7 consecutive days in any given workweek.

        • PTIs must seek prior approval from the Department Director if PTIs' workload will result in working 7 consecutive days.

        • Please note that PTIs' day off does not need to be on the weekend.

  • Leave public evidence of your online presence including but not limited to: a new post, comment, public critique or an announcement to the class.

    Here are a few suggestions for the sorts of things you might post as part of your daily check-in:

    • general:
      • answers to students' questions
      • new announcements
      • comments that deepen or broaden students' understanding of a key concept from the current module
    • for assignments:
      • clarification of the assignment instructions — and what you're looking for (use the Instructor Update)
      • tips for completing the assignment successfully
      • common mistakes students make — and how to avoid them
      • public feedback on early submissions
      • an example of the work of a student from a previous semester with an explanation of its strengths and weaknesses
  • Respond to all online students within 1 business day.


Before the first day of every semester, in your Instructor Profile, you must post specific “check-in” times for the above-mentioned 6 days each week when you will be online to answer student questions or concerns.

Again, you need to list check-in times of your choosing for six days each week, one of which must be Saturday (Pacific Time). (Note: These check-in times can be quite brief (e.g., 15 minutes), and you do not need to schedule the rest of the hours you will spend working in your online class: those remain flexible.)

PLEASE NOTE: Although you may have listed your office hours in your Profile in past semesters, you will need to update this information at the start of every new semester.

Your office hours will be displayed on the Class Home / Syllabus page for every class you are teaching. 

How to post your check-in times 

As of Summer 2019, a new interface on the Profile page lets you enter your office hours.

1. From your Home page, 
click the Profile link next to your photo.


2. Click the tab to open the editable Public Profile page.


3. Scroll down to 
Set Office Hours

4. Select the days and times for your office hours. Remember that you must post hours for 6 days a week, including Saturday, but these may be very small windows of 15 minutes or so. (Please note: You do not need to schedule the rest of the hours you will spend working in your online class: those remain flexible. )

5. Use the Time Zone Converter to convert your local time to Pacific Time.

6. Click ADD to enter hours for each additional day.

7. Use the Optional Instructions field to remind students when and where to post their questions for quickest response — e.g., Please be sure to post your questions in the Instructor's Office before my check-in time each day, so that I can respond as quickly as possible.


8. Save your input.


9. Your office hours and any other information you included will be displayed on the Course Home / Syllabus page of every section you are teaching. Students can see this information here or on your Profile.

Checking In

Whenever you log in during these check-in times, you must click the "Begin Office Hours" button on your Home page to indicate to your students that you are present.

How the button works

To alert students to their instructor's presence online, we have added a "Begin Office Hours" button to the Home page. During your daily office hours (see above) — and any other time you're working online and want students to know you're there — you must click this button to check in.

The system will check you out automatically after twenty minutes — or you can check yourself out, if you've finished working online before the twenty minutes are up.

Students will see an alert on the Outline
whenever their instructor has checked in and is available.
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