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Review Current Summary of the Requirements for Online Teachers

Current Setup Requirements for Online Teachers

Review the Academy’s New Online Teaching Standards

In 2019, the Academy established a new set of standards for online teaching, to ensure that our students have the best possible educational experience. It's crucial that you familiarize yourself with these standards before you teach online again. Learn moreStandards for Online Instructors.

Review the Updates to the Online Learning System

Haven't yet taught in our updated Discussion interface? Watch these key tutorials:

Is your class using The Gradebook? Review these training materials to get up to speed.

Also, take a look the Online Teaching Blog, where you'll find many posts describing the new interface and changes that have been made over the past years.

Review the Teaching Online Training Course

The Teaching Online training course has been revised to reflect the system upgrades. I have set up a special section of the course for returning online instructors. You can review the modules at your convenience, post questions in the discussion, and practice with the new interface. I'll be monitoring the class and will be available to answer your questions. (Remember that the Academy compensates part-time instructors for their training time. Learn more: Reporting your hours in Workday)

If you haven't been contact about the training and would like to be enrolled, please get in touch with Faculty Evaluation and Coaching (facultyevalcoach@academyart.edu).

Attend an Online Workshop

Faculty Evaluations & Coaching and the Online Education department offer workshops at the start of the semester to help new instructors — and continuing instructors who have not worked in the new interface — get up to speed. You are welcome to attend. In addition to open Q&A sessions, there are workshops on Teaching in your Online Office. Check out the schedule here: Teacher Training Workshops.

Additional Resources

The Discussion Navigation page includes tutorials and cheat sheets that provide an overview of how the new discussion interface works.

Learn about and customize your Notification settings.

You will need to know about Setting Up Your Topics.

Don't miss the information about Tools for Online Critiques, including the "Notes" tool, which lets you critique from your mobile device.

And check out the page on Assessing Online Participation to learn about these tools.