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Support Resources for Instructors Teaching Onsite+ Courses

Download the Onsite+ Support Document


A. Live Online Seminars for OS+ Instructors

Techniques for Success in Teaching our New Onsite+ Courses (For Instructors Teaching OS+ classes)

The training will cover:

  • Equipment and set-up of your Onsite+ classroom 
  • Important considerations when teaching onsite and remote student at the same time
  • Ways of using video and audio in the Onsite+ classroom
  • Using the LMS to post resources, collect homework, and support critiques
  • Way to manage and improve student engagement

Training Dates

  • Monday, January 31st, 2022. (1:00 - 2:30pm PT)
  • Tuesday, February 1st, 2022. (10:00 - 11:30am PT)

Where: https://art.zoom.us/my/kkoczela

B. One-On-Support for OS+ Instructors

1. IT and Technical Support from Lab Resources

To get entrance to buildings prior to the semester to visit your classroom and see resources contact the Communication Center at 415-618-3911.

Representative from Lab Resources can help you with

  • Equipment in the room and discuss what may be available from your department (cameras and tripods, microphones, for example)
  • Practice setup
  • Help you check what remote students will see when logged in
  • Help you see explore your classroom demo area. Consider marking this area with tape, mark your spot on floor with tape & your initials to ensure you always “stay in camera”.

2. Zoom Support from the Synchronous Services Team

  • A Synchronous Services Team member can meet with you in Zoom before the first day of class. Staff can help you set up your account, walk you through basics of your Zoom office.
  • Email onlineoffice@academyart.edu for immediate support during class-time (it’s monitored live so you can get help expeditiously )
  • Students may get dropped during class and be unable to re-enter Zoom without help. Be sure to monitor your class for notices at the top of your screen for requests to be admitted to class. Alternatively, give students contact information for your Department Admin who can manually return students to your Zoom session.

3. Teacher Coaching and Support

  • Coaches from Faculty Evaluation and Coaching are assigned to all new OL and OS instructors, including those teaching OS+.
  • Any teacher or Academic Director can request one-on-one coaching. To work with a coach, talk with your Director or send an email to aaddison@academyart.edu or kkoczela@academyart.edu .

C. On-Demand Resources


You are not alone. There are people to call. There is experience to draw upon.


  1. Visit your classroom(s)
  2. Practice tech
  3. Check out the view your remote students will see
  4. Know who to contact when you need help
  5. Make your first day your best day!

Check in regularly with Students

  1. Design lessons to actively engage both onsite and remote students
  2. Check-in with students regularly. Regularly ask remote students if they can see and hear ok during class.
  3. Ask students to post in the Zoom chat area if they cannot hear or see what you are doing.
  4. Have students email you after class about things you could do better. (You can use the LMS email or your i.art.edu address. Do not use your personal email!) You can also solicit feedback at the break and after class.


  1. Art is iteration and reflection. Consider what worked and what didn’t and refine your practice.
  2. Be creative, be flexible, be patient with yourself and your students
  3. Ask for help when you need it.

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