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Welcome to Teaching Onsite Plus (“Onsite +”) Classes!


Welcome to the brave new world of hybrid education. Whether you are returning to Onsite Plus teaching or you are pioneering this modality, this document has a number of tips and tricks worth knowing. You can click on any bulleted item below to take you directly to the subject or you can scroll through the whole document. Either way, know that there are numerous resources available to help you. (Get this information as a PDF.)

  1. Using Zoom
  2. Accessing and Using the LMS
  3. Classroom Set-Up and Assistance
  4. Onsite Plus Classroom Management Tips
  5. Keeping Onsite Plus Students Engaged
  6. Attendance Policies in Onsite Plus Classes
  7. COVID-19 Prevention Policies and Procedures


1. Zoom

Knowing how to use Zoom is essential for teaching Onsite + classes. Your students are living in both the virtual and onsite worlds simultaneously: Zoom is the essential link which connects them with each other and with you. Instructors will use Zoom screen sharing for digital presentations and demos, sharing of digital work for feedback, showing videos, creating small groups via breakout rooms, using classroom polls and more.


  • How do I access my AAU Zoom account?
  • Where do I post the link for students to access the class? How are they notified where to find it?
  • What are the requirements for scheduling and recording my Zoom class? Why is this important?
  • How can I use Zoom screen sharing for presentations, demos, critiques? How do I allow students to have the ability to screen share their work in class?
  • How do I create Breakout rooms in Zoom?
  • What is the Zoom polling feature and how can I set it up?

Visit the Zoom Basics for Onsite+ page.

Where can I get help for using Zoom?

The Synchronous Learning team is your go-to for help with questions about Zoom. They can meet with you for a test run of the Zoom virtual experience, including troubleshooting possible audio issues. Before you call them for troubleshooting help with audio make sure that the problem is not that you are too far from the microphone.

They can be reached at OnlineOffice@academyart.edu on weekdays. If you experience problems using Zoom during class, email them and someone will get back to you quickly.

Faculty Evaluation and Coaching is also available to provide support with basic questions and teaching practices related to Zoom. Contact kkoczela@academyart.edu, or aaddison@academyart.edu

2.  Accessing and Using the LMS

All instructors will need to know how to log in to the LMS to access their attendance rosters, syllabus and more.

When you log in to the LMS for your Onsite+ class, you will find two separate sections: One is where Virtual students are enrolled (and is designated as “01”), the other is where Onsite students are enrolled (designated as “02”). Each of these sections will contain separate attendance and grading rosters. All resources you post in one section must also be posted in the other section as well. (For example, assignment information.) Students are only able to enter the section they are enrolled in to access material or post their work.

The LMS also contains an area where you can post resources for your students such as assignment requirements, examples, and rubrics. The LMS can be used by students to submit homework files for easy access by instructors in-class.

Through the LMS Portal page, Onsite+ instructors also have access to the online version of their class (course modules and media), provided an online version exists. You can check out the online class for ideas, content and resources for teaching your class.


  • How do I log into the LMS to find my class?
  • How do I access my attendance rosters, syllabus, materials list and more?
  • What is the LMS class "Discussion" area?
  • How can I post information in the LMS such as assignments, examples, audio and video files?
  • Where can I access the online course material to use in this class?
  • Where can students submit their digital homework in the LMS?
  • Where do I post links to Zoom recordings for students to view?

Visit the Accessing and Using the LMS page.

3.  Classroom Set-Up and Assistance

Knowing your classroom set-up and equipment is essential for a smooth start to the semester. Visit your classroom before the semester begins and do a test-run of the equipment.


  • What kind of classroom set-up can I expect?
  • Who can I go to for assistance with the equipment?
  • Is there help available if I have in-class technical or Zoom problems?
  • How can I look at my classroom set-up before the semester begins?
  • Will someone be available to assist when I check out my classroom?
  • Will I be compensated for my time for a pre-semester classroom visit?

Visit the OS+ Classroom Setup and Assistance page.

4.  Onsite Plus Classroom Management Tips

Managing an Onsite+ class can be challenging, but we‘re sure you are up to it.

In this section, we’re sharing tips and best teaching practices gathered from instructors and students who pioneered the Onsite+ classes last semester, as well as folks from Faculty Coaching who worked with an array of instructors. Keeping these tips in mind can make a difference for you and your students.

Visit the OS+ Classroom Management page.

5.  Keeping Onsite Plus Students Engaged

Engaging two modality populations synchronously can be a challenge for even the most seasoned teachers. How to keep them stimulated, curious and engaged in the Onsite+ classroom?

Visit the Keeping OS+ Students Engaged page.

6.  Attendance Policies in Onsite Plus Classes


  • Do Virtual students need to have their cameras on for the entire session?
  • Can students watch the recording instead of coming to class?
  • Can Onsite students attend my class virtually instead of coming to the building?

All Onsite+ faculty will need to know university policies for classroom attendance in Onsite+ classes.

Visit the Attendance Policies in Onsite+ Classes page.

7.  COVID-19 Prevention Policies and Procedures


  • Are students and faculty supposed to wear masks— even if vaccinated?
  • What should I do if a student doesn’t want to wear a mask— or wears it below their nose?
  • What should I say to a student that comes to class sick?
  • Where can I obtain extra masks if a student needs one?

Visit the COVID-19 Prevention Policies and Procedures page.

Have a Great Semester!

 Thank you for sharing your expertise with students in the Onsite+ classroom. We are excited to welcome you and your students back to campus and are here to support you. We hope you find the information presented here to be a useful resource.


Alana Addison, Executive Director

Instructional Evaluation and Faculty Coaching aaddison@academyart.edu

Jana Memel, Executive Director

Schools of Entertainment

Eileen Everett

Chief Academic Officer

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