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Online Student Academic Support (OSAS) provides a range of support to online students, including writing and language support, academic coaching, content-based tutoring, and accommodation for documented disabilities (learn more: OSAS Services ). If your students need specialized help with their classes, you can refer them to OSAS for support.

(warning) OSAS receives an automatic alert for any student who has multiple absences or has received a low grade. You do not need to make these referrals yourself.

How to Refer a Student to OSAS

From Inside the Discussion

The easiest way to refer a student to Online Student Academic Support (OSAS) is from inside a discussion topic.

  • Find a post or a comment from the student you want to refer and click on her name.
  • Click the "Refer to ARC" link, which opens a referral form.
  • Fill out the form and submit.

from the grades page

However, if the student you want to refer has made no posts, you can submit a referral from the Grades Detail page for that student. Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Grades” link in the “Profile” section of your homepage:

  2. Click "View" to see details for the correct class:

  3. Click "Grade Detail" for the student you want to refer:

  4. Click "Refer Student to ARC." Fill out and submit the form.

  5. To refer another student, select his name from the drop-down menu:



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