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Basic Expectations

Cheat Sheet
for DS Mentors

DS Guidelines

for Students

The Academy of Art University requires all directed study students to use the Academy’s online learning system to document their weekly consultations with their Directed Study Mentors. You may find it helpful to download and share the Directed Study Guidelines (at left) with your student.

As a Directed Study Mentor, you must also check into the online learning system every week to review your student’s work summary and to give credit for that week’s work. You will do this in the online Directed Study class (listed as "MNTR")  set up for you and your student. (You will have a separate Directed Study Mentorship Forum for each directed study student.)

  • For details on how to review and post credit for your Directed Study student(s), please watch our brief tutorial (below).

  • You can also download and review a Cheat Sheet for Directed Study Mentors (at left).

(warning)  The various tasks required to teach online are paid at different rates. Please review the FAQ and tutorial to learn more about how to report your work hours.

Online Teaching Standards

The University has established the following guidelines for Directed Study Mentors. In serving as a mentor, you agree to:

1. Attendance & Participation

  • Meet with your student (in-person or online) for 1 hour each week (2 hours a week in the summer semester). (Download a Module Schedule for the current semester.)
    OPTIONAL: You may request a virtual office in which to hold these meetings by sending a request to
  • Log in and enter the Discussion for each Directed Study MNTR class once a week (twice a week during the summer semester).
  • Read all student posts every week, leaving feedback when appropriate.
  • Respond to direct student questions, either online or during your next in-person meeting.

2. Progress Summaries

In every module (i.e., once a week in Spring and Fall semesters, twice a week in the Summer), your directed study student will use the Academy’s online learning system to post a summary of her/his progress, upload images of work, and make note of the time, date, and duration of your meeting. 

You will also log in once in every module to review your student’s summary and to give the student credit for her/his work.


Additional Resources 

  • If you have questions about these guidelines or need assistance completing any of these requirements, please contact your academic department. For 24-hour technical assistance, contact the Online Help Desk at
  • View and download the current Online Module Calendar.
  • Watch our video tutorials on navigating the online learning system:  
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