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Workshop Description

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Would you like to pick up some new techniques to help simplify your online teaching? Want to learn more about the available tools (e.g., Turnitin, Adobe Connect)? Have persistent teaching issues you’d like to discuss? In this workshop, Rachel Levin (Faculty Development), Maya Frenklach and Jenny Michael (Online Education) shared strategies and answered questions.

Please Note: Some of the tools and strategies discussed in this workshop do not apply to the new user interface in the LMS. This resource page, along with the workshop handout, have been updated to reflect these changes.

(Workshop date: Fall 2013)

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Strategies Discussed in the Workshop

  • Use Turnitin to help students to avoid “overcopying” of written work. Download resources:
Enrollment Instructions
Turnitin Instructions
for Students

How much copying
is too much copying?

White Paper:
The Plagiarism Spectrum

  • Take advantage of your browser's tab function.
    • How to open a link in a new tab:
      • Control-click (PC) or Command-click (Mac) on the link OR
      • Right-click and choose “open in new tab.”
    • How to open a link in a new window:
      • Shift-click on the link OR
      • Right-click and choose “open in new window.”
    • Use multiple tabs to streamline your navigation:
      • Bypass the grading interface.
      • Download and critique student work more quickly.
      • Assign grades more easily.
      • Create/edit global topics more efficiently.
  • Effective announcements
    • Order your announcements: Announcements are ordered chronologically by opening date, so back-date your announcements to place them at the top of the page.Are students missing your announcements?
      • Consider placing them in a global topic—instead of using the announcement tool.
      • Update the module-association for the topic, whenever you add a new announcement, so that the topic appears in the Outline under the current module.

Other Strategies to Try

  • Use the video recorder for...
    • Asking and answering questions
    • your "Welcome" message (students can use it, too)
    • general comments about an assignment (before or after submission)
    • discussion wrap-up
  • Try out the formatting options for discussion posts.
    • Use distinctive color/font/size consistently in your posts: having all your posts in bright green, say, makes your presence more evident and your comments easier to find.
    • Spell-check your discussion posts: in Firefox, shift + right-click.
  • Create a global topic to serve as your private office, instead of  using the Mailbox.  In an “Instructor’s Private Office” topic (click the radio button to make the topic private), students can ask questions about personal issues without having to resort to the Mailbox. 
  • Give students positive incentive to find and correct mistakes in course materials.  
    • Create a “Catch me out!” topic where students can report mistakes they find in the modules, quizzes, or other course materials.
    • Reward the first person to report an error with a bonus point.
    • Contact to request changes to your course materials.
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