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Is one of your students having an end-of-semester crisis?

If so, that student can petition for an Incomplete, which will buy him or her some extra time for completing the final project for your class.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Incomplete grades are issued only to students who are lacking a final assignment that cannot realistically be submitted within the regular semester, due to circumstances beyond the student’s control.
  • Incomplete grades may not be used as a way for a student who has been frequently absent or has missed earlier assignments to avoid a failing grade. The student's work through the semester must have been satisfactory.
  • Please do not promise your student an Incomplete. Authorization for an Incomplete is not automatic, and approval will depend on the circumstances leading to the request.
  • Please do not wait to post your final grades until students with authorization for Incompletes submit their work. It is critical that final grades be posted on time; regardless of the status of Incompletes.
(star) LEARN MORE (star) about policies and procedures for Incompletes.


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