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On this page you will find video tutorials and cheat sheets that outline the organization, navigation and tools available in the Discussion.

Tutorials & Cheat Sheets 

Key Points from the tutorial:

  • Topic dates are listed at the top of the page. Edit a topic to extend its dates.
  • A big blue button at the top of the page opens the Grading interface (in an assignment) or the Activity report (in a discussion).
  • Course topics are generated automatically by the LMS. Global topics are created by the instructor.
  • Instructor Updates allow you to customize course assignments whose descriptions cannot be edited. 
  • You can hide the topic description and the Instructor Update fields. 
  • Posts are presented in either a grid layout or a list layout. You can change the layout by editing the topic.
  • Sorting tools help you find what you're looking for: new/unread will usually be the most useful way to sort. 
  • Each post includes various tools & alerts.
  • Comments are threaded under the post to which they relate.

 Contents:  Topic Dates  |  Grading/Activity access  Course & Global Topics  |  Description  |  Instructor Updates

Click Image to View  |  Download All Cheatsheets (PDF)

 Contents:  post vs. comment  | threading  |  responding to a comment 


Click Image to View  |  Download All Cheatsheets (PDF)



Click Image to Enlarge  |  Download All Cheatsheets (PDF)

Click Image to Enlarge  |  Download All Cheatsheets (PDF)


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