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Now that the Online Help Desk is part of Online Education, we thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to the community of online instructors.

Here we are (from left to right): Matthew Monedero, Aaron Schuyler, Eric Brown, Alex Ramos, Clifford Wong, Ryan Bogdanyi, Noel Hill, and Julian Angue.

 Click image to enlarge. Not present for the photo op: Jasmin Smith, Lisbet Torres, Jacki Stears, and Don Mancha.

At the Online Help Desk our primary function is to serve as a 24/7 support and troubleshooting resource for the Learning Management System (LMS).

We are available to provide assistance to students, faculty, and staff as they use the tools in our online class environment. This includes:

  • showing individuals how the LMS components work
  • troubleshooting problems encountered within the LMS
  • clearly communicating these issues to our developers when further investigation is required.

In addition, we process reports of course content errors, course access issues, and quiz-date extensions. We work closely with the Online Course content team, the Quality Assurance team, and the Online Administrators to ensure all users have a positive experience working in the LMS.

As a customer-facing support resource, we tend to be a catch-all for a variety of issues that fall both within and outside of our support scope. We do our absolute best to properly guide all those who reach out to us, but some may have questions or problems which we’re not fully equipped to support. Issues outside our scope include:

  • 3rd Party software (such as Maya or the Adobe CC suite) support
  • academic tutoring
  • hardware troubleshooting and training. 

For these technical issues, the Help Desk will refer students to that software's official support team for help.

For issues that stem from a student's lack of familiarity or training in the software/hardware, we recommend that the student reach out their instructors and classmates first, just as they would in an onsite class. Where more direct one-on-one aid is needed, tutoring from Online Student Academic Support (OSAS) may be appropriate.

If you have questions about our role in student success or feedback about how we can better support you, feel free to contact us at 888.431.2787 or via email at We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Eric Brown, Online Help Desk Supervisor
Noel Hill, Online Help Desk Supervisor

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  1. Wow! Thanks for posting a picture! Happy to put a face with the name of who has been helping us for years!!

  2. I love to see the faces of the folks I talk to on the phone and through e-mail.

    Thank you for your support and good nature!

  3. Great to see a picture of our colleagues. I  appreciate their patience and help.  Thank you so much.

  4. I refer to Online Help as wizards. Superb response every single time. Thanks to everyone there.

  5. Dear Online Help Desk Team,

    You just helped me and my students the other day, thank you for all you do! Great photo, thank you for posting it (smile)


  6. Awesome photo!  How great to put faces and voices together.  Cannot thank you enough for all your assistance.  There was never an issue you could not resolve, no matter how difficult it was.

    Kudos to all =)

  7. Thanks for all your assistance!

  8. You all are my salvation in the online world! thank you (smile)