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Midterms are over. Where are your students still stumbling?

Here's an idea from Instructor Naomi Maloney (LA133: Short Form Writing):

As I was posting midterm grades, I was troubled by the discrepancy between a few students' "Overall" grades and "Completed" grades. For example, one student, a very good writer, averages a B+ on completed assignments — yet he received an F at midterm because of missed assignments.

To address this issue, I created a new topic to coach students on some of the basics:

Four Ways To Pump Up Your Grades In Our Final Weeks

It's This Easy...

  • Spell- and Grammar-Check Your Work
     Use the grammar/spell-check in Microsoft Word; read what you've written aloud before you turn it in; use a grammar help book, or get help from Online Language Support by going to the "Language and Writing Support" link at the top of our Discussion page.
  • Read My Comments
    The suggestions I make on your work should be incorporated into your next drafts. In my comments, I'm telling you exactly how to make your work shine.
  • Read Comments On Other Students' Work
    You'll get lots of tips on how to elevate your writing — just like that!
  • Turn In Every Assignment
    Nothing brings your grades down like missing assignments, exercises, discussions and quizzes. If you see you are in trouble making a deadline, let me know in advance. I can help!

That's it! You're doing great — Now, do even better.

If you were writing a message like this to your students, what 4 points would you include?

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  1. Do you have other strategies to help re-energize students after midterm? Please share your ideas by posting a comment!

  2. It does seem like this Spring 2016 term had an interesting lull after Spring break and now post mid-term sleepiness has set in. Students got sick, some seemed to phase out, a handful got employed, (which is wonderful, but now they complain about too much work.) I will share my strategy as it develops, but in a nutshell I try to keep meeting each student on their own terms but inspire the excellence that they have yet to discover within themselves, even when they need ARC more than ever.