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Game Development Instructor Wendy Carmical (GAM 110: Introduction to Game Development) asked:

Can you help me understand what feedback is okay to display publicly vs. personal grading?

An excellent and important question, Wendy!

What should be public?

Pretty much everything! Group critiques are the gold standard in onsite classes at the Academy, and we want to offer our online students the same opportunities to learn from one another — and from the feedback we give other students. In fact, this is so important that we have added a section to the grading interface to track whether or not students have reviewed their teacher's critiques of both their own work and of other students' work.

In order for students to learn from all your feedback, you need to post your critiques in a public space. That means:

  • posting a comment on a student's post;
  • marking up images in the whiteboard;
  • annotating images with the new Notes tool.

What needs to be kept private?

If you have feedback that might embarrass or discomfit the student, it's best to give these comments privately. That's when the grade comments box is useful. You may also want to invite the student to contact you, if they have questions or want to discuss your feedback.


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