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MPT Instructor Richard Kizu-Blair (MPT 464: Directing the Commercial) asked:

I'm having trouble finding grading results from my mid-term exam — could you tell me how to access this information?

Finding this information involves a trip down the rabbit hole!

  • From your Home page, clickReports (next to your profile picture).

  • On the Reports page, click “View" under “Class Test Reports.”

  • This brings up an summary of all test grades for all students.

If you want to see the specific answers given by any student, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper...

    • Click “View" under “Student Detail.”


    • This displays this individual student’s quiz results, test by test.


    • Click “View" under “View Test.” 

    • This displays the student's results on individual test questions.

 You can also find similar information on the Grades Detail page.

  • From your Home page, click “Grades” (under “Enrollments” and under the name of the relevant class). Note: This is the most direct route into the detailed grade information for a class. But you can also navigate to the Grades page from the Portal or using the "Grades" link next to your profile photo on the Home page.


  • Click “Detail" under “Grade Detail” to open all the grade information for a specific student.

  • Click the "Quizzes" or “Exams” tab to see test results and other grade information.

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I occasionally get emails from online instructors seeking advice on teaching issues. I review their class, think through the problem, and do my best to offer them a workable solution and relevant resources. When it (finally) occurred to me that other teachers might have similar concerns, I decided to post some of these questions and answers here. I hope you find them helpful! If you need help or advice or support with online teaching, please drop me a line (

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  1. Thank you, Jenny, for all you do! These step-by-step guides are wonderful and super easy to follow (smile)

  2. Thanks, Agota! It's always good to know that the resources are helpful.

  3. I agree, Agota! Many thanks, Jenny.