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Time for a Module 5 Check-Up!

We're already about a third of the way through the semester — can you believe it? You're posting your first set of progress grades, and your students are submitting their initial feedback on your class. So now is a great time to think through how your class is going and to consider whether you want to make any tweaks to your teaching.

Here are some tools to help you assess your teaching performance so far.

  • This semester the Academy introduced new Online Teaching Standards, including a downloadable rubric that you can use to assess your own teaching performance. If you have questions about these standards – or about your teaching – you can post a comment, below, or email me at or talk with your director.

LEARN MORE: Standards for Online Instructors.

  • Your students submitted their initial feedback on your class in Module 4. Currently, you can review directly only the numerical data from these evaluations; talk with your director about any written comments you may have received.

  • You might also find it helpful to ask students for more direct feedback on your course and your teaching by creating your own evaluation

    Resource created by Faculty Development. Click to view or download this handout.

  • Once you receive feedback from your students, what should you do about it? How should you respond to students' comments?

    Resource created by Faculty Development. Click to view or download this handout.

Can we help?

Post a comment, below, or contact me directly (; 415-618-3547).

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  1. I'd be happy to set up an appointment for a phone consultation, an Adobe Connect meeting, or an in-person consultation with me or with another online teaching coach.

    I can also review and share your students' evaluation comments – and strategize about how to respond.

    Please let me know how I can support you!

    Jenny; 415-618-3547

  2. Hi Jennifer:

    I'm doing fine. However your email said we have already posted progress grades and we have another week to post grades...

    One thing I've noticed is that of my 13 students, nine or ten are ESL students that I would put in the Intermediate category. This means I will spend more time remarking on grammar errors than usual. Best,


  3. Thanks, Mark — I've updated the text in my post. :)

    If you're looking for support for working with ESL students, you might want to take a look at this page: Working with ESL Students. You'll find suggestions and resources that might help.