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Answer: Nothing!

Students are not expected to be present in online classes during spring break (March 26-31), nor are instructors. 

(warning)  Important (warning)

If you wish to work on your online class during Spring Break, please check with your director first. Department directors must determine whether or not a class requires the instructor to work over the break — and whether they have the budget to cover this additional time.

  • Without your director's okay, you may not be paid for your work during the break.

Here are a couple more things to keep in mind:

  • Module 7 ends on Saturday, March 25, rather than on Sunday. However, you may extend the deadline for your Module 7 assignments, if you like. You can even give students extra time over the break to complete assignments. Simply extend the deadline for your assignments by editing the assignment topics.

  • If students post questions during the break, you are not expected to respond until Module 8 begins on Monday, April 3. You might consider posting an announcement to remind your students of the Spring Break schedule and to let them know you won't be checking your class during this time.

We recommend that you give everyone a break — including yourself — and just enjoy this time off!

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  1. Have questions about any of this? Please post a comment...

  2. Thanks Jenny! Very clear information and I do plan to post an announcement as such. I also plan to extend my due dates to Sunday, and am looking forward to the break! Have a great one yourself!

  3. Thanks Jenny, I plan on allowing students some leeway beyond saturday if they need it, resuming day one of the following module as not considered late.
    This should allow those with plans to get away by sunday to not stress as much, as long as they have time to finish late in the break. Just seems flexibly fair to me, since several students post their work in the final due hours each sunday.  

    Happy springtime!

    1. Sounds good, Dean — and thanks, all. Enjoy the break!!

      1. Thanks, you too!

        I'll post my deadline extension announcement later in the day tomorrow, so no one gets lazy about it now. (smile)

  4. But what about grading/critic Module 7 Assignments? Can we just postponed it Until April 3rd?

    1. Hi, Ludmila—

      I would say yes. You start up working again once the break is over — just as if that week didn't exist. But you might also want to double-check with your director about this.

  5. Can we also work on Sunday the 26th to get last minute Saturday posts graded and completed?

    1. A good question for your director, Jon. :)