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The Online Education Department continues to enhance and update the Academy's online learning system.

Here's a list of what has changed since the start of the spring semester — with links to the blog posts that explain the changes in greater detail:

  • You can now choose whether you start from your Home page or from the Portal page, when you log into the online learning system. Learn More: Where do you want to land?
  • Freehand drawing, straight line/arrow, rectangle, and ellipse tools are now available in Notes. These new tools enhance your options for marking up student images. Learn More: New "Notes" drawing tools! (includes tutorials)
  • A new tool allows students to mark their post or comment as a question for the instructor — and this sends you a notification. Learn more: Your students have questions!

If you've been away from online teaching for more than a semester, you might want to check out these posts, as well:

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