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You've been asking for it for years, and it's now on the horizon: the Academy's new online gradebook!

Online Education is proud to announce that our online gradebook will be rolled out in online classes in the Summer and Fall 2018 semesters. In Spring 2018, we piloted the gradebook in a limited set of courses, both online and onsite, in order to test its tools and make adjustments in response to instructors' feedback. Now it's ready for prime-time!

Why did we need a gradebook?

  • It has been one of our online instructors' most wished-for features for many years!
  • Most online learning systems are built around a gradebook. Since the Academy didn’t build ours that way, we are now integrating a gradebook into our system.
  • Easy Grade Pro — which many of our instructors have long used to track their grades — is being retired. OS upgrades may soon mean that it no longer works for your system.

What will the gradebook do for you?

  • The gradebook eliminates the need to track your grades with an external system like Easy Grade Pro.
  • It will calculate students’ overall progress grades, based on the grades you enter — along with the scores from tests and progress questions that are graded automatically by the online learning system. You can adjust these calculated progress grades, as needed, before submission.
  • The gradebook will prompt you to grade any assignments you missed.
  • The grades matrix will show you an overview of grades for your whole class, allowing you to identify patterns and possible problems.
  • You will be able to assign grades for participation and other behaviors not directly connected with the submission of work.
  • The gradebook provides a visual representation of student performance.
These examples show pie charts (part of the grade calculation display) for students receiving different progress grades, from A to F. Each pie chart represents two things about the student's grade:
  • The percentage of the overall grade represented by each category (indicated by the size of the slice)
  • Performance in each category so far this semester (indicated by how much of the slice is colored in)


When will you be able to use the gradebook?

After our Spring 2018 gradebook pilot, we will roll out the gradebook in additional online classes in Summer and Fall 2018. If your online class is included in the rollout, Online Education staff will be in touch with you about training and other support, well in advance of the start of the semester.

The timing of the gradebook rollout in onsite classes is still to be determined. Talk with your director if you are interested in using the gradebook in your onsite class.

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