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Credit: Stephanie Mast, PH 611 (Fall 2018)

Key Dates

Please make note of these important dates:

  • The Fall 2018 semester ends on SATURDAY, December 22one day earlier than the usual end of a module.

Please remind your students about this early deadline by posting an announcement and/or sending a message through the Mailbox. 

Keep in mind that you can extend the due date for your assignments, if you want to give students an extra day or two to finish up. (Learn more: Setting Up Your Topics) However, once the semester is officially over, students will no longer have access to the course modules. (They will still be able to view course media and everything in the Discussion.)

  • Final grades for all classes are due by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, December 29. (Learn more: Posting Progress Grades.)

Wrapping Up — and Looking Ahead

You might find it helpful to review these blog posts, which provide guidance on crucial end-of-semester tasks and issues:

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