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Onsite to Online Resources

For Onsite Instructors temporarily transitioning to Online/Zoom, please refer to the Academy's Keeping Classes Going During Emergencies Supporting Onsite Classes Online/Zoom page to get started.

Zoom Training for Onsite Instructors

  • One-on-one Training and Assistance available

You may schedule time with a coach for personal, one-on-one support. Coaches have access to Zoom and the LMS Class Discussion so they can see your classroom and view things from a student or a teacher perspective. 

To contact us, please email Faculty Evaluation and Coaching and one of our staff will get back to you quickly during business hours: facultyevalcoach@academyart.edu


Live workshops were held on using Zoom for onsite instructors earlier in the term.  Recording of previous workshops are available to view on the Workshop Past Events page.

Library Overview

This library provides resources to support effective teaching at the Academy of Art University.

It is divided into three sections: Resources For ALL Instructors, Resources For ONSITE Instructors, and Resources For ONLINE Instructors. You will find a wide range of materials here, including:


Below is an index to help you find what you're looking for. You can also navigate using the Space Shortcuts and the Page Tree on the left. Or use the Search tool to explore further. (Learn more about what's available here by watching our tutorial.)

TOPICfor ALL Instructorsfor ONLINE Instructorsfor ONSITE Instructors
Teaching StandardsTeaching Expectations & StandardsStandards for Onsite Instructors
Getting Ready to Teach
Presenting ContentUsing 'Sticky' Ideas to Create Memorable Lectures & DiscussionsBuilding an Online Class
Engaging StudentsEngaging Your Absent / Silent / Invisible Online StudentsEncouraging Student Engagement
Feedback & CritiqueFeedback & CritiquesOnline Critique & FeedbackCritiques that Keep Students Engaged
GradingGrading OnlineGrading Student Work
Best PracticesOnline Teaching Tips & Best Practices
Teaching ChallengesClassroom Teaching Challenges
Support for StudentsThe AAU Classes app includes the campus shuttle schedule, along with course information, online classrooms and student grades. Download for iOS or Android.