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Did you know that Academy students are allowed to add an online class through the end of Module 2? 

At the beginning of the semester, you’re likely to see some fluctuations in your enrollment, as students settle into their new course schedules. This means you might occasionally see a new student appear in your class after nearly two weeks. Or a student might disappear after a week (or more). Check your roster or your grades page to see changes in your enrollment. 

Enrollments after Module 1 can present significant challenges for both you and for your newly-arrived students, who now have a lot of catching up to do. Academy policy requires that you allow these students additional time (without penalty) in which to submit their work for the first two modules.

What’s the best way to do this? 

The simplest approach is to keep all your topics for Modules 1 and 2 open through the end of Module 3. There are several advantages to this approach:

Are you concerned that this strategy might give students who were in your class from Day 1 incentive to delay posting their work? Our experience has shown that this is mostly a non-issue: students who started in Module 1 have now moved on to Module 2.

How do you make this happen? All you need to do is to edit the closing dates for your Module 1 and Module 2 topics.

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Another alternative is simply to ask newly-arrived students to submit their work for the modules they missed in the Instructor’s Office — or in any other topic you designate.

Do your new arrivals need to make up past quizzes?

Contact the Help Desk and ask them to reopen the relevant quizzes for those students.

what else can you do?

You play a crucial role in your students' success! So please make all your students feel welcome, including those who start after the first module. It's especially helpful to reach out to the new arrivals, help them get up to speed, and let them know that you have extended the deadlines to allow them time to catch up. If they need extra help, put them in touch with Online Student Academic Support.

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