The Gradebook, which launched in Summer 2018, is now active in more than 400 classes. We've noticed a few questions coming up over and over, so I'm going to answer them here.

Q: Do I have the Gradebook in my class?

A: This is an important question! If the Gradebook has not been activated in your class, you cannot yet use it. You can find out by checking your Course Home/Syllabus page. Open the grading tab and check your grading breakdown.

Q: How can I learn how to use the Gradebook?

A: The Online Teaching Library has lots of training materials available for the Gradebook!

Q: My class has the Gradebook, but where is it?!!

A: When people ask this question, they're usually looking for the Class Grades Matrix.

Click to enlarge.

There are links to the Matrix from three pages:

Option #1: There’s a link on the Section Grades page. 

Option #2: There’s also a link on the Student Grade Detail page.

Option #3: There's another link on the Progress Grading interface.

Q: Where can I find my students' overall grades?

A:  Overall grade calculations are performed only during a progress grading period. You can see them on the progress grading interface or on the Student Grade Detail page – but not on the Class Grades Matrix.

Keep in mind that the Matrix is only a report. It reflects the information you have entered and calculates average grades for each category and each assignment. Once you enter progress grades, these will be displayed on the Matrix, as well. At present, the Matrix cannot calculate an on-demand overall grade for a student, but we hope eventually to add this feature to the Gradebook functionality. 

Q: Can my students see their progress grade calculations?

A: Yes! Beginning this semester, students can see the pie chart and the rest of their grade calculation information when they check their progress grades.

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